Behind the Baby Shop


The year you welcome a baby home, you may feel like no gift is good enough for your little one. The list of what to avoid and what have to have seems to get longer and longer every day, and it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices. That’s why, at Stella, we have the Baby Shop: a specially curated collection of baby goods picked for their originality, adorability, and general coziness. Some of our pieces are lovingly embroidered in-house, others are thoughtfully selected and put up on our shelves until they are carried off to a happy home. All of them are keepsakes that can be passed down between siblings or even generations.

So, whether you’re becoming a parent, aunt, uncle, or even godparent, feel free to browse our Baby Shop for soft, playful pieces the newest member of your family will undoubtedly enjoy.

Happy Shopping!

Musical Hedgehog, Clay Rabbit, Paprika The Lion

Baby Blanket, Baby Rabbit, Baby Romper, Baby Pilot Hat

Embroidered Elephant Swaddle Blanket, Baby Pig, Zero Twist Gauze Dot Towel


Suzie Mouse, Victorine Rabbit, Celestine Cat