Home Tour - Mischelle's Bedroom

p>When I first came to New York, I slept on a futon in the middle of my shoe-box sized Greenwich Village Loft. At the time, I was passionate about green, and decorated my space accordingly, painting the walls a mottled green the color of spring leaves. My sheets, a simple all-white percale. 

Thirty years later, my taste has changed quite a bit. I still love green, but these days, my room has a much more feminine palette: soft blue-gray accented by burgundy and pearl white. Everything in it is special to me. The mahogany bed was purchased on a trip to Rome. The surrounding curtains I made myself.  Accents are mementos from travels and gifts from dear friends and family: my mother-in-law's boudoir chair, linens purchased in Florence, a tablecloth of hand-embroidered Italian lace by Anke Dreschel. 
Home Tour - Mischelle’s Bedroom
There’s so much to consider when putting together a room — it’s a practical, personal matter. I get so much pleasure from beautiful embroidery. My linen set is fine and supple, with a delicate hand-embroidered floral design, and is just all around the most comfortable fabric to sleep in, especially in the summertime. It's cool and drapes beautifully. Linen draws the moisture away from the body, so my nights are pleasant, peaceable affairs.
Home Tour - Mischelle’s Bedroom
On the other hand, I have cats. 

For this reason, my blankets and coverlets must be claw proof. There are no open weaves — even my summer blanket is a tightly woven linen. Everything is washed weekly; laundry isn’t tricky if your fabric is good quality — wash on warm and never use too much heat. For coverlets and blankets, alternate full washing and the steam fresh cycle. My sheets have lasted many years using these methods, even with the cats and their consistent jumping. 
Home Tour - Mischelle’s Bedroom
When winter comes, we’ll all have to redo our rooms again. Changing our homes for a new season is a fun project. For now, my plan is the usual: a fluffy Hefel Tencel comforter and my cozy blue velvet quilt. But who knows? Maybe I’ll go for a down comforter this year. Or mix together a few shams. After all, my bedroom’s my own private comfort zone. It’s a little traditional, a little eclectic, but at the end of the day, it covers all of my needs. It's the best part of my home — no matter the season, and no matter my feelings. It’s there for me in all its comfort and coziness, and that’s just how I like it at the beginning and end of my day.