Simple Upgrades for a Beautiful Bathroom

Between you running through your skincare routine, your husband shaving over the sink, and your kids splashing in the tub, the bathroom can easily become one of the busiest rooms in the home. Rather than planning a reno, however, we recommend trying these simple fixes to take the space from stressful and cramped to serene and clean. After all, every other room in your home is a place of relaxation and beauty—why not the bathroom too?

Here are a few easy ways to bring new life into your busiest room:

1. Organize and Declutter 

You put a lot of thought into choosing the countertops—don’t hide them under a layer of clutter! We recommend placing all your soaps, lotions, and potions into a basket so they’re still within reach without taking up too much space.


2. Match your Decor

There’s more than just “neat and tidy”—having a consistent color scheme makes your bathroom pleasing to the eye, even on days when you can’t be bothered to put everything away! Try matching your towels to your mat as well as your baskets and trays.


3. Accessorize

Now that you’ve decluttered, there’s room to impress with pretty. Flowers fit the bill, as do candles, refillable diffusers, and bath salts and natural soaps that are not only artfully designed, but perfect for the occasional self-care spa day.