How the best beds are made

At Stella, we believe that everyone deserves a bed that is personalized to their needs and style. After all, beds are more than just a place to sleep in—they’re a place for relaxing, playing, and even talking in. The bed is the focal point of a bedroom, and, for a lot of us chronic nap-takers, it's even the place we spend the most time in. So why do we settle for average bedding? Like the rest of the house, Beds should be crafted with love and an artistic eye—which is why we at Stella put so much energy and care into Special Order Bedding. With thousands of in-store samples to choose from and sessions that are individually tailored to meet each person's needs, Special Ordering bedding is a simple process that will not only tie together your room, but elevate your bed from a “place you sleep” to a “work of art.” Here are our tips to help you through your first Special Order.

 Tip 1: Have Your Materials in Mind

Do you prefer soft sateen or crisp percale? Down or feather? Firm or medium pillows? Knowing what you like and what works for your body is always a plus when it comes to special ordering—after all, you are the one who’ll be spending the most time in these sheets! But of course, no worries if you’re not sure where to start—book an in-store appointment or send us an email and we’ll give out our expert advice on what sheets and fillings will work best for your skin, hair, and even allergy concerns.

Tip 2: Leave Your Bed for Last

The great thing about special order bedding is how you can use it to play off or tie together the design elements you’ve already incorporated into your room. Whether you want something stark and contrasting or neutral and harmonious, by leaving your bed for last, we can see the exact final touches that can be made to pull your room into the cohesive space it was always meant to be.

Tip 3: Inspo, Inspo, and Inspo!

There’s nothing we love more than inspiration—so please, bring all you want! Whether it's photos you’ve sourced from our pinterest, fabric swatches you found furniture shopping, or paint chips you’ve kept from redecorating, we welcome any and all things that will help us understand your vision. Want something no one’s ever seen before? We also have a huge roster of designers from all over the world we can recommend if you’re looking for something especially unique and exciting.

Special Ordering may seem intimidating at first, but, with Stella to guide you, you’ll have your set of custom sheets in no time. Make an appointment online or send us an email to get the perfect combination of warmth, softness, and crispiness that’ll keep your bed cool and comfortable during all the hours you spend in it.

With love,
The Stella Team