Your Guide to a Bug-Free Garden Party

These days, party guest etiquette dictates that you allow your guests to bring one or two of their fellow friends. Their husband. Their new-to-town girlfriend. Even their whole family, if they’d like. But the ultimate unwanted party guest is not the person who shows up uninvited, but rather the bug. From mosquitos to wasps, there’s no guest that brings down a party’s vibes quite like the one that’ll flit around your guest’s faces, raise bumps on their arms, and have them scratching as they wait for their drinks. Enter SKEEMs latest stylish (and effective) bug repellent. Made with all-natural citronella and the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant, this line is the perfect host touch that’ll 1. Make a great end-of-the-night favor and 2. Elevate any garden party from buggy to bug-free. 


 Jumbo Citronella Incense

Formulated to be used outdoors, each jumbo-size stick will help you enjoy your outdoor entertaining for up to three hours. Citronella is a proven, all-natural insect repellent made from the lemongrass plant. It repels insects by masking the smells biting insects are attracted to. The Citronella incense is blended with ocean air, sea salt, and hints of jasmine.

Citronella Outdoor Body Spray

All-natural, outdoor body spray is formulated with citronella oil, lime, soybean, and castor oils to smell great while keeping biting bugs at bay. Our formula contains no chemicals or DEET and should be applied to bare skin before enjoying outdoor activities.


Citronella Incense Burning Dish

Incense Burner from Skeem for those who are tired of sticking their citronella incense in their plant outdoors. This beautiful burning dish, hand-made of earthenware is cleverly designed to hold up to three sticks at a time, and can be placed anywhere you need bug-biting protection.

Moth Match Tin

Printed moth match tin holds 60, 4" matches with white tips. Each tin has a strike pad built into the tin so you always have a light close at hand. You will never want to banish these matches to your junk drawer; they are too pretty to put away and are the perfect add-on to our Citronella Collection.