Zoom L’objet Soap & Lotion - Bois Sauvage / Hand + Body - Bath - $55
Zoom L’objet Soap & Lotion - Cote Maquis / Hand + Body - Bath - $55
Zoom L’objet Soap & Lotion - Rose Noire / Hand + Body - Bath - $55
Zoom L’objet Soap & Lotion - Bath - $55

L'objet Soap & Lotion

Artfully balanced aromatics can transform ordinary rituals into extraordinary escapes. Together with Europe’s oldest bath and beauty artisans, L’Objet blends old world techniques while finding innovation within the integrity of natural ingredients. To ensure lasting potency, the formulations are contained in UV-blocking, black violet glass. The apothecary experience is designed to beautify the air, nourish the body, and lift the spirit.

The hand + body lotion soothes and protects with a silky blend of hydrating, moisturizing elements. Infused with aromatic botanicals, sweet almond oil, and specially formulated for fast absorption. 500ml.

The artisanal soap is made from traditional formulations using natural ingredients, including walnut oil and Moroccan Argan oil. Gently cleans and moisturizes. Leaves skin soft, glowing and lightly perfumed.


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