A Foray into Japanese Minimalism

As much as we love a well decorated home, there’s a certain appeal about simple minimalism – it’s timeless yet straightforward, balanced yet efficient. Our Koji bed is the same. Inspired by classic Japanese minimalism, which finds beauty in emptiness and essential living, we’ve crafted our Koji Bed to be a clean and cheerful oasis perfect for relaxing when you need your own private space.
A special bed needs a special start – so for our base, we opted for the Aria Sheets and Kinji Pillow, which along with hundreds of other unique pieces, can be ordered through our special order selection. The Aria sheets are super soft, available in multiple colors including graphite ice (pictured) and tan and frachie, and are a must-have for those who prefer sateen. The Kinji can be ordered as both a coverlet and deco pillows, and is made of 50% silk and 50% egyptian cotton for a unique blend that is soft to the touch.
This is where the Koji comes to play. With its subtle striping and thick feel, Koji can be used as a blanket, coverlet, or even decorative pillow. Its muted texture also serves as an excellent contrast to the other elements of the bed. No matter what palette or theme your space plays to, Koji is an extra layer of personality that elevates any space.
Finally, we finished off the bed with a Barcelona Blanket right at the foot. In keeping with our minimalist theme, we opted for the blanket in a darker shade, but any of our other Barcelona options, including copper and turquoise, would serve to add a pop of color that draws the eye and adds a new dimension to your minimalist bed.