The World of Winter Throws

There’s nothing like snuggling up to your loved ones under a soft, cozy throw. From hand-woven wool to velvet-lined fur, here's your guide on all things throw to help get you through this winter.


Hand-woven, eco-friendly, and finished with an ivory fringe, a Boucle Throw is a rustic, wooly blanket that you can roll up in and snuggle under.


Faux Fur

Luxurious, chic throws that boast soft velvet linings, sleek fur exteriors, and are conveniently washing machine and line dry friendly for easy cleaning.



Practical and bulky, a Kurlisuri Throw is built to last. Woven in Belgium using traditional weaving techniques, this alpaca and wool combination is the epitome of functional warmth and comfort.



The pinnacle of class, our Mohair Throws are made in Spain from heirloom-quality natural fibers, and are crafted with traditional, manually-intensive technique. Plush and snug, they are always a standout star in a room.



You can’t talk about throws without mentioning Cashmere. Classic, luxurious, and supremely soft, our cashmere throws are hand-made in Nepal and have a rich color and feel you won’t find anywhere else.



Light and breathable, Cotton Throws are perfect as a wrap around for your shoulders, or as a supplement to another throw for an extra layer of warmth. Keep them on the couch as a decorative accent until spring comes around, or have one in every room to combat a sudden chill.