Brand Highlight: Ian Saude

Authenticity is rare in a world full of artificial fibers and performance fabrics, but it’s the biggest source of pride for IAN SAUDE, the luxe design studio focused on natural, simple, and organic yarns. Spun by hand in natural colors, enhanced by artisan finishing techniques, and boasting tactile materials like cashmere, linen, and silk, IAN SAUDE pieces are supple comfort that fosters inspiration and deepens aspirations.

Surround yourself with simplicity. Shop new cashmere from IAN SUADE.


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Herringbone Spiga / Valenza

Lightweight Herringbone in a luxurious blend of 50% Ultrafine Merino Wool & 50% Linen.

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Cashmere Pashm / Saia

A luxurious, lightweight throw in 80% Cashmere & 20% Silk.

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