From city loft to country house chic

With classic finishes and vintage layers, this curated compilation of housewares, linens, and found objects offers a touch of charm that suits both the thoughtful arranging of a city home and the dreamy escape of a country hideaway. Spend these last months of summer lounging on linen with the windows wide open, letting the breeze lull you into a mid-afternoon sleep. Light candles for a courtyard dinner accented with soft patterned napkins and a vase full of handpicked flowers. Then, as the heat starts to ease into the first signs of autumn’s return, bring it all back to the city to keep the comfort alive until it’s time to retreat again.

 Plaid Khak Wool Throw No. 77, Tamara and Henri Vases

 Aubrie Basket, Belgian Fouta, Belgian Linen Pillow

The Belgian Table Throw, Banks Napkin, Pacific Linen Placemats

 Terra Throw, Camden Coverlet & Decorative Pillow in Dove, Savona Coverlet, Cotton Herringbone Blanket in Mushroom

 Pearl Bedding, Shaded Lake Cushions, Madrid Hand Woven Throw, Selah Cotton Blanket

 Utility Cloth, Honeycomb Waffle Kitchen Towel


Madison Linen Bedding, The Patagonian Stripe