Madison and Leitner: A Match Made in Bedding Heaven

Wine and chocolate. Ebony and ivory. Sweet and salty. When we’re talking about perfect pairings, it would be remiss to leave out Madison and Leitner: two bedding choices that, together, manage to elevate any room from average to elegant. In simple white, Madison linen bedding is easy to care for and pet-friendly so that every member of the family can enjoy it. And with fine jacquard-print fabric, also known as the crown jewel of weaving thanks to its perfected French technique, Leitner pillows are works of art that draw the eye and express fine taste and refinement.

There are unlimited ways to pair our Madison Bedding with decorative pillows from Leitner Linen:


Love the Leitner pillows but want something a little more personal? Create a special order and we’ll help you create something custom to suit your style.

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