Vendor Spotlight: Anke Dreschel

Anke Drechsel, a German textile designer and internationally recognized brand, is renowned for her hand-embroidered home textiles and accessories. Since the beginning of Stella, her cushions have stood out due to their lush materials, vivid colors, and intricate patterns. But what is it about Anke’s particular style that makes her unique collections a must-have for any textile lover? To Stella owner, close collaborator, and good friend Mischelle Arcus, it’s the dedication to craftsmanship…and that’s just the beginning.

Vendor Spotlight: Anke Dreschel


Q: What is so special about an Anke Dreschel item? 

The first thing I noticed was that Anke has a very special sense of color. Her color combinations are always on point for any season and they are always current. Each individual cushion has many stages to its completion, starting with a panel that the sized design is drawn on and then many layers of handed guided machine and hand work to add the colors and layers. When we collaborate together, I’ll choose one design and pick a color palette to go with it, its very personal. So each store that carries Anke, has unique items to go with that store’s aesthetic. Every year she comes out with unique designs that are made with old-world techniques from various cultures. Embroidery vocabulary that is translated into her designs. They are like little artworks.


Q: Anke’s cushions only run for a limited time, how does the sourcing and product selection happen? 

She has small embroidered samples and swatches for the ground fabric, we mix and match and play with them until we come up with the perfect selections for Stella. Our bedding collections are designed with the themes of Anke’s cushions in mind.

Vendor Spotlight: Anke Dreschel Vendor Spotlight: Anke Dreschel 

Q: How long have you known Anke? What does the future look like for your partnership?

I’ve known Anke for 21 years, and we met in Paris. I met her in her beautiful shop—it was a beautiful little store in one of Paris’s famous passages. I wandered in and we’ve been friends ever since. In the future, I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities for us to collaborate on even more for Stella.

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