The Art of a Good Nap

The worst thing about living in an age of constant stimulation? It’s way too easy to end up stressed, worn out, and even on the brink of health issues. What you really need is to take a break and relax—and although there are lots of ways to destress (massage, anyone?) sometimes all you really need is some shut-eye. From boosting your brainpower to helping your metabolism, getting a good nap is a great way to help your health while sneaking in some relaxation.

Our tips & shopping picks for the near perfect nap:

A Calming Fragrance.

At Stella, we’re big fans of sachets—and a lavender one is perfect if you’re looking to create a soothing atmosphere that’s easy to fall asleep in. But if sachets aren’t your style, diffusers are an easy alternative that have similar benefits (our nap time favorite is Birch & Blossom). Simply keep the diffuser nearby so it can fill the whole room with a fresh, calming fragrance.

The Right Headspace.

Set the mood before you sleep by using a meditation candle to center your focus, or if you struggle with creating your own meditation session, use an app that offers guided meditation. The benefits of meditation are endless. Some reported benefits include: clarity of mind, improved mood, reduced stress and anxiety.

A Great Pillow and Comforter Mix.

There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold during a nap, or waking up with a neck cramp from a too thick or thin pillow. Our pillows are adjustable—you can add or take out stuffing to make them the perfect height for you, or choose from various fillings that’ll work perfectly for any support, skin, or allergy concerns.

Sheets You Can Sleep All Day In.

The importance of a bed cannot be overstated. There are a lot of different bedding options out there, and it can be hard to know what is the right fit for you. From crisp percale to silky Legna, we’ve broken down the basics to help you find the best fit for your needs.

Napping might seem like a waste of time to some, but at Stella, we truly believe it’s a simple and effective tool for rejuvenation and improved productivity.

Still not convinced? Make an appointment online and we’ll be sure to whip up a combination of warmth, softness, and crispiness that’ll have you napping your way to relaxation in no time.