The Eco-Friendly Bedding That’s Right for You

Having an appreciation for textiles is a sensory practice. In the same way that some people are passionate about food or wine or fashion, some are passionate about textiles and interiors and sustainable design. I cultivated our selection to be pared down for Stella -- not overly embellished or embroidered, but finished with a certain tactile, durable quality. In addition to being eco-friendly and machine washable, the linens we stock are real works of craftsmanship. Each unique, they’re sheets with personalities -- ones that fit best with individual lifestyles and aesthetics.

Stellina: For those who want excellent quality for an excellent price. Super crisp and cool, the Stellina sheets, which are 100% Egyptian Cotton and are finished in Italy, offer up a classic, timeless look that will last even as trends fade and change. Available in two neutral colorways (white & sage) that will be sure to match any room, they’re guaranteed to be stylish and long-lasting for years to come.







Cotton percale: Sheeting for someone who takes pride in their textiles -- someone looking for something unique. Cotton percale is not your ordinary sheeting. Luxurious, smooth, and soft, our cotton percale is a one of a kind selection that features hand-guided embroidery over Egyptian Long Staple Cotton. Durable and high quality, it’s an investment piece that will be with your family as long as you need it and more. Available in three subtle embroideries: Dot Dash, Pearl & Thin Line









Libeco Linen: For the refined and relaxed. This no-fuss sheeting is perfect for those who prefer a casual yet elegant atmosphere -- in fact, the messier you leave the bed, the better it looks, and the more you wash it, the softer it gets. In addition to its easy care routine, Libeco is also notable for its incredibly low impact on the environment, as well its moisture-wicking properties, which draw heat away from the body so you’ll stay cool and comfortable while sleeping. As a bonus, no ironing is required for these lovely linens.









Legna: For customers who crave comfort. The absolute softest sheets, Legna feels luxurious like silk but washes like cotton and ages like wine. Also an investment piece for your family, Legna is made from the finest materials and can last for decades. They’re also our sheets with the highest repeat purchases rate -- most customers who try Legna often end up spreading the joy by buying more for their family and friends.