Six Neutrals that Bring Things up a Notch

There’s nothing neutral about fact, we find that, when it comes to pulling a room together, they’re the real stars. This week, we’re taking the time to appreciate the neutrals in our everyday life -- from earth-toned quilts to light, organic bedding, here are some of our favorite neutral linens for a breezy, natural lifestyle.  

Six Neutrals that Bring Things up a Notch

 1. The Santiago Sheet Collection.

A Libeco Home classic, our Santiago Sheet Collection is made out of 100% Belgian Linen, and is available in a natural “linen” color. Finished for a washed, casual look, it’s a down to earth piece that will add texture and depth to any bed.

Six Neutrals that Bring Things up a Notch

  2. Rossi Cot Blankets.

Made from 100% cotton, our Rossi Cot Blankets are super lightweight, super soft, and have the added bonus of being machine washable. As versatile as they are lovely, they’re perfect for use as a couch throw, decorative accent, or an extra layer of warmth.

Six Neutrals that Bring Things up a Notch3. The Jaipur Quilt.

Hand-stitched and finished with an organic cotton filling, this drapey beauty is a one of a kind channel quilted piece with a cotton block print on the front, and a creamy cotton volle on the back. Use it in the winter as a toasty top blanket, or in the summer as a cushiony bed cover.

Six Neutrals that Bring Things up a Notch4. Obi Abstract Cushion.

Made from Vintage Japanese Kimono fabric, the Obi Cushion features an intricately printed design on a dark silk crepe. Handmade in house, they’re accented with a rich silk velvet for a pretty yet sophisticated piece that evokes luxury living.

Six Neutrals that Bring Things up a Notch5. Silk Velvet Cushion in New Blue.

With imbued specks of lavender and tiny silk flange, these gorgeous Silk Velvet Cushions are the epitome of royal luxury. Pair them with silk sheets, a cashmere throw, or the Pearl Duvet for a truly imperial finish.


Six Neutrals that Bring Things up a Notch6. Barcelona Blanket.

A silk and wool hybrid, the Barcelona Throw is delicate linen that adds a layer of texture necessary to any high luxury room. Drape it over the corner of your bed for some extra flair, or use it as a cozy blanket to combat a cool, chilly night.