The Stella Standard

At Stella, we believe that all good things should come from good places — which is why we make the extra effort to provide goods that are not only beautifully fashioned, but ethically sourced and sustainably made. Read on for a list of a few places we source from so, like us, you’ll be able to spend your nights sleeping soundly away with the knowledge that your bedding (and anything else you pick up shopping here), was ethically crafted and responsibly made.



Every single one of our fabrics has the OKEO-TEX label: only given once the fabric has met the standards set by a large conglomerate of labs, it guarantees that every component of the fabric, from the sewing thread to the lining, was tested to make sure it does not have any chemical or environmental substances that could be harmful to human health.

Belgian Linen

Traditionally crafted and extremely durable, our Belgian Linen items are made from flax, a highly sustainable material that requires no irrigation, is cultivated without GMOs, and has zero waste, as all parts of the plant can be used as a resource for other products.

The Stella Standard

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Down Bedding

A softer sleeping experience than feathers, you’ll be glad to know that the Down at Stella is also humanely sourced. Our supplier is RDS (Responsible Down Supplier) Certified, and the ducks and geese we receive material from live under conditions set by animal welfare groups that ensure they will never be force-fed or plucked live.

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Teixidors Throws

Woven on traditional wooden looms, our Teixidors sourced products are made from the finest raw materials and finished with ecologically friendly soap and water so that the final product is safe for the environment as well as incredibly high quality.

The Stella Standard

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SDH Legna

Light, supple and OKEO-TEX certified, SDH Legna is made from the wood pulp of beech groves, which are a completely sustainable source thanks to their biological "rejuvenation" reproduction technique. The end result is a super absorbent and wicking material that is not only environmentally responsible, but comfortable and cool to the touch.

The Stella Standard

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