Warming Up to the Winter Blues

When we talk about winter, it's often with an air of resignation... or even trepidation. No one likes shoveling snow or shivering under five layers of clothes, and the lack of sun certainly doesn't help. Still, we at Stella can't help but feel that there's a particular wintry beauty that often gets overlooked, especially when it comes to blues. After all, there's never more blue in the world than when it's winter: the sky is blue, the snow is blue, and at night, when the sun goes down, even the tree trunks take on a dark, deep blue. And so the Blue Bed Edit was born. Light, bright, and bold, it's a timely home addition that takes away the Winter Blues and makes things beautiful again.

Warming Up to the Winter Blues Warming Up to the Winter Blues Warming Up to the Winter Blues Warming Up to the Winter Blues Warming Up to the Winter Blues


Products Used:

1. Dot Dash Shams and Cases
500 thread count Egyptian Percale accentuated with broken lines of pale gray and soft blue.

2. The Jazz Coverlet
A decorative, textured coverlet that elevates any bed with its distinct design.

3. The Eton Decorative Pillows
Super soft pieces that lend a classic yet casual feel.

4. Boucle Throw Blankets
A fringed cover up perfect as an extra warm layer on those especially chilly nights

5. Liso Mohair Throw
A dusty blue blanket made from heirloom quality fibers for a necessary layer of softness

6. Barcelona Throw
A delicate, handwoven piece with a muted yet standout presence.

7. The Leonard Jacquard Duvet Cover
600 thread Egyptian Cotton with a subtle diamond lattice pattern that adds texture to any bed

8. The Silk Velvet Cushion
A one-of-a-kind statement piece that adds not only color, but style.

9. Fantasia Cushion
An embroidered must for any winter bed aiming for embellished elegance.