What are you burning?

In an age of ever-increasing mindfulness about health, it can be hard to track what is and isn’t good for you. Personally, I find that doing simple switches are the easiest way I can maintain my well-being — buying locally grown instead of mass-produced, picking ethically sourced pieces over ones that are not. Still, as a candle-lover, I was surprised to hear just how harmful candles can be. Paraffin candles advertised as “blends” can contain GMOs, fillers, and even bleach, and burning them releases highly toxic carcinogens identical to those found in diesel fuel fumes and petroleum.

Cue the beginning of the candle switch.

At Stella, we’ve always strived to bring you ethically produced goods that make you feel good about your home. That’s why we worked hard to find — and even make — sustainable, non-toxic, and vegan candles that ensure, especially during these stay-at-home days, that your candles, at least, aren’t harming your health. Here are our picks for simple candle switches you can make to ensure your candles are safe for you, your family, and your guests.

Nanao Candles


Made from natural, plant-based waxes in Nanao City, Japan, these vegan candles are handmade from lacquer tree seed wax and a washi paper core using techniques that have been preserved since the 16th century. Each candle burns for approximately 90mins, so there will be plenty of time to enjoy its unique light, and, as an added bonus, Takazawa candles have a taller and brighter flame compared to most paraffin candles.


  • Vegan candles made in Ishikawa Prefecture,  Japan

  • Burn time is approximately 90mins

  • A hollow paper core produces a tall and unique flame compared to typical candles

Beeswax Tapers


These tall, gorgeous tapers are hand-poured and individually finished in New York State. They’re lovingly made from 100% pure North American beeswax, and burn between 12 to 14 hours.


  • Beeswax is hypoallergenic and non-toxic

  • Burn time is 12-14 hours

  • Tapers come in pairs and are available in different colors & styles

Stella Candles



Made in-house, our Stella Candles are convenient, long-lasting, and made from a sustainable organic beeswax soy blend that’s perfect for everyday, at-home burning.


  • Beeswax is hypoallergenic and non-toxic

  • Burn time is 70 hours

  • Available in 6 unique fragrances

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